Ruth Wakefield to Dible Dough: A Legacy for Women in the World of Edible Cookie Dough

Ruth Wakefield to Dible Dough: A Legacy for Women in the World of Edible Cookie Dough

As the founder and owner of Dible Dough, a company that specializes in edible cookie dough, I’m always fascinated by the stories behind some of the most beloved treats in the world. And one story that never fails to captivate me is the story of Ruth Wakefield, the woman who invented the chocolate chip cookie.

Ruth Wakefield, along with her husband, ran the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts. Ruth was a skilled and thoughtful chef who personally created many of the dishes that became popular at the restaurant. But it was her work in developing the recipe for the chocolate chip cookie that would make her a culinary legend.

Although many people believe that the invention of the chocolate chip cookie was an accident, recent research has shown that Ruth Wakefield was far from a casual baker. She held a degree in “Household Arts” and was an experienced and innovative chef who was always looking for new ways to delight her customers.

In the (now false) story, Ruth was attempting to make chocolate cookies for the inn when she ran out of baker’s chocolate. As a frantic substitute, she grabbed a Nestlé chocolate bar and broke it into chunks, hoping the melted chocolate would mix in with the dough. The surprising result, however, was the Edible Cookie Dough we know and love, featuring soft, unmixed chocolate chips. Ruth then sold the recipe (and the Toll House name) to Nestlé for $1 and a lifetime supply of chocolate.

Ruth’s invention quickly became a sensation, and her recipe was printed in a Boston newspaper and included in her cookbook, “Ruth Wakefield’s Tried and True Recipes.” In 1939, she sold Nestlé the rights to print her recipe on their packages, and the company began producing the Nestlé Toll House Real Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels, which later became known as chocolate chips. The cookie’s popularity grew during World War II when soldiers from Massachusetts shared their care packages from home.

Ruth’s legacy as a pioneering woman in the culinary world is truly inspiring. Her creativity and ingenuity in developing the chocolate chip cookie recipe, which lead to my own edible cookie dough recipe, continue to inspire bakers and chefs to this day. But Ruth Wakefield is just one of many amazing women who have made their mark in the food industry.

As a woman-owned and operated business, Dible Dough is proud to be a part of this legacy. Like Ruth Wakefield, we’ve used our expertise and creativity to develop a unique and delicious product that has captured the hearts of edible cookie dough lovers everywhere. By heat treating the flour and removing the eggs, we’ve created this safe to eat confection. And like Ruth Wakefield, I’m honored to be a part of a tradition of talented and innovative women who have contributed so much to the world of food.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, let’s remember the many inspiring women who have paved the way for us all. From Ruth Wakefield to modern-day entrepreneurs like myself, women have been at the forefront of some of our most beloved treats, like edible cookie dough. So let’s take a moment to appreciate the incredible contributions of these pioneering women and to support the businesses they’ve built. 

Here’s to the women who have made our world a sweeter place!

Click HERE for Ruth’s original recipe.

Dible Dough Celebrates Black History Month

Dible Dough Celebrates Black History Month

Black History Month is a time to recognize and celebrate the contributions of Black individuals to our society, and as the month comes to a close, we at Dible Dough wanted to take a moment to recognize two incredible Black women who have been integral to our recent success. Raffinae Sanders, CEO of Inspire Brand Management, and Christina Perozzi, CEO of 44 Larkmoor Creative, have both played key roles in helping Dible Dough grow and thrive over the past few months. We are immensely grateful for all of their hard work and contributions to our business.

Raffinae has been an incredible partner for us at Dible Dough. Her expertise in brand management has been invaluable as we have worked to build our brand and expand our reach. She has provided invaluable guidance and insight, helping us to identify new opportunities and develop effective strategies to capitalize on them.

Christina, too, has been an essential member of our team. Her creativity and innovation have helped us to stand out in a crowded marketplace and connect with customers in new and exciting ways. She has brought a fresh perspective to our marketing efforts, and her passion and enthusiasm for our product have been contagious.

As Black women in leadership positions, both Raffinae and Christina serve as inspiring role models for young women of color who are looking to make their mark in the world. Their success is a testament to their talent and hard work, and we are proud to have them on our team.

Representation matters as does Black History Month. As we move forward, Dible Dough remains committed to building a diverse and inclusive business that reflects the values and ideals of our community. We recognize that our success is due in no small part to the contributions of individuals like Raffinae and Christina, and we are grateful for all that they have done to help us grow and thrive.

Jolene’s Famous Edible Cookie Dough Pops

Jolene’s Famous Edible Cookie Dough Pops

These Dible Dough Cookie Dough Pops Balls are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Not only are they easy to make and the perfect treat for your loved ones, they are 100% no bake! Kids love to make these, so get them involved. They will love doing the sprinkling, and it helps a lot. And no worries if the kids happen to steal a bite of the cookie dough. It’s 100% safe to eat and made with all natural ingredients.

Jolene’s Famous Edible Cookie Dough Pops

Jolene’s Famous Edible Cookie Dough Pops



  1. Add the Dible Dough Cookie Dough bars to a food processor or blender and crush into crumbs.

  2. Mix the cream cheese frosting and cookie dough crumbs together in a bowl until well combined. You should easily be able to form balls.

  3. Form balls from the cookie mixture about 1 inch in size.

  4. Put the balls in the fridge for about 1 hour to firm up a bit.
  5. When the Dible Dough balls have been chilled, melt the dark chocolate wafers according to the directions on the package (we used the microwave) and dip the chilled balls into the melted chocolate and set on parchment paper. 

  6. VERY quickly sprinkle the cookie dough ball while the chocolate still looks wet.The chocolate coating will dry quickly.

  7. Store the cookie dough balls in the fridge. Cookie balls should be good for about 1 week.
Tell Them You Love Them.

Tell Them You Love Them.

Valentine’s Day is a time when we often think about expressing our love to others, but it’s also a reminder that life is short and we never know what the future holds. This year, I want to encourage everyone to take the opportunity to tell the people they care about how much they mean to them, because it’s important to let those we love know that they are appreciated and valued.

I know that for me, expressing my feelings can be difficult. I tend to be more reserved and don’t always find it easy to put my emotions into words. But last year,, I had a wake-up call that reminded me of the importance of expressing my love to the people in my life.

My dad always used to say, “Don’t worry about the horse going blind, just load the wagon.” In coach speak, it means, just keep plugging and don’t worry about what’s going on around you. Just keep doing what you’re doing; the others will take care of their part. He lived by those words. He was a strong, kind, and loving man who always had a smile on his face. He was a “head down and keep working” kind-of-guy whose work ethic I try to emulate everyday.

Leland had a heart attack last year, but we were able to spend his last few days with him, telling him how much we loved him and what an incredible influence he had on our lives. We said all the things we should have been saying for years. Looking back made me realize that waiting to say the things we should to the people that mean the most to us, shouldn’t be left to their dying days. It should be everyday, especially Valentine’s Day. Please take this opportunity to let those around you know how much they mean to you.

You never know what tomorrow holds.

Don’t Break the Bank: 6 Best Little Valentine’s Gifts

Don’t Break the Bank: 6 Best Little Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine’s Day is all about showering your friends & family with love! But now doesn’t seem like quite the right time to be lavishly celebrating. With wars and earthquakes and mass layoffs and everything else, maybe it’s time to take this crazy Valentine’s Day spending down a notch.

If we can be present, there are plenty of ways to make the day extra special and fun, without breaking the bank. Here’s a few ideas of things that if we stop and pay attention, make us all  feel loved and pampered.

  • A relaxing bath: You don’t need to spend a trillion dollars going to the spa. This year treat yourself to a relaxing bath. Go crazy with scented candles, bath salts, and a good book. When’s the last time you took the time for a bath? Heck, when’s the last time you read a book?
  • A simple heart shaped box of chocolates: Sweets are obvi a classic Valentine’s Day treat. But dude, we’ve rarely, if ever, ran into a bad box of chocolates, so it doesn’t have to be DeLafée of Switzerland. A nice box of chocolates from your local Publix or Walmart will suffice. There is no such thing as a not good heart shaped box of chocolates. Plus it’s kitch and cute.
  • Dible Dough Cookie Dough: Oh hay … D-to-the-ible in the house … of course we have to call out our own delicious edible cookie dough as a perfect and unexpected gift for Valentine’s Day. (Or turn our Dible Dough bars into Valentine’s Day cards by downloading our free printable template wrappers here.) Made with all natural ingredients, Dible Dough’s edible cookie dough bar is safe to eat and comes in a variety of flavors like chocolate chip and peanut butter.
  • A brand new hardback book: Have you experienced the ASMR zen of cracking open a brand new book for the first time. And have you been able to take some time to relax and escape into a new story. Whether you like romance, mystery, or non-fiction, there’s a book out there for everyone.
  • A Me-Time TV night: Curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and watch Clueless, without guilt or regret. It’s a perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day if you feel like being alone, or you just want to relax at home.
  • Five words: Bacon of the Month Club.

Valentine’s Day is a special day when we should treat ourselves and our loved ones with something special. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there are many small treats you can give yourself to make the day more enjoyable.

The Secret History of Valentine’s Day

The Secret History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that has been celebrated for centuries, and throughout history, various traditions have been associated with it. One of the most enduring and beloved traditions is the giving of sweets. From ancient Rome to modern times, sweets have been a symbol of love and affection, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to give them.

The tradition of giving sweets on Valentine’s Day can be traced back to ancient Rome. During the festival of Lupercalia, which was celebrated in mid-February, young men would draw the names of women from a box and then spend the next several weeks courting the chosen woman. As part of the courting process, the men would often give the women sweets as a symbol of their affection.

As time passed, Valentine’s Day evolved into a more commercial holiday, and the tradition of giving sweets became even more popular. Chocolates, candies, and other sweet confections became synonymous with Valentine’s Day, as they were the perfect way to show someone that you cared. Today, giving sweets on Valentine’s Day is a beloved tradition that is enjoyed by people all over the world.

If you’re looking for a unique and delicious way to show your loved one how much you care this Valentine’s Day, consider giving them Dible Dough Edible Cookie Dough. 

These delicious bars are made with all natural ingredients, and are the perfect sweet treat for anyone who loves cookies. They are available in a variety of delicious flavors, including chocolate chip, sugar cookie with sprinkles and peanut butter chocolate chip.

Not only are these bars delicious, but they are also a unique and thoughtful gift that your loved one is sure to appreciate. They are perfect for sharing with your significant other, and can also be enjoyed as a special treat for yourself.

So, if you want to show your loved one how much you care this Valentine’s Day, consider giving them Dible Dough Edible Cookie Dough Bars. These delicious bars are sure to be a hit, and will be a sweet reminder of your love for years to come.

Here are a few ideas for Valentine’s Day treats that will make you feel loved and pampered.

How to Make the Perfect Homemade Cookies from Scratch

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked homemade cookies, and nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction that comes from making cookies from scratch yourself. If you’re looking to make the perfect batch of cookies, follow these five easy tips:

Two sets of hands working dough.

1. Find the Right Recipe
It all comes down to the recipe. When it comes to making soft cookies, you want to make sure that you use a recipe that includes plenty of butter. This will help to create a soft, tender cookie that are packed with flavor.

2. Use High-Quality Ingredients
Anyone can make cookies from a mix, but it takes a little extra effort to make cookies from scratch. The difference is in the ingredients. Instead of using margarine or vegetable shortening, real butter gives cookies a richer flavor. And instead of artificial vanilla extract, cookies made with pure vanilla extract taste more complex and nuanced. These higher-quality ingredients do cost a bit more, but they’re worth it when you want your cookies to stand out from the rest.

3. Chill the dough before baking
If you’re looking for homemade cookies that are thick and chewy, make sure to chill the dough before baking. Chilling the dough helps to firm up the fats, which in turn prevents the cookies from spreading too much during baking. As a result, you’ll end up with a thicker, chewier cookie that’s absolutely delicious. 

4. Bake at a low temperature:
Baking cookies can also be tricky, as they can easily become burnt or too crispy. The key is to bake at a low temperature, which will help to prevent the cookies from burning or becoming too hard. Additionally, it is important to watch the cookies closely while they are in the oven, as they can go from perfect to burned in a matter of minutes. With a little practice, anyone can learn to bake delicious cookies that are perfect every time.  Make sure to avoid over-baking your cookies. Once they start to turn golden brown, they’re probably done – so take them out of the oven and enjoy!

5. Allow cookies to cool before removing from the baking sheet.
Baking is a delicate process, and even a few degrees can make a big difference in the outcome of your recipe. That’s why it’s important to let your baked goods cool properly before removing them from the baking sheet. Allowing them to cool for a few minutes helps to prevent them from sticking, and also allows the heat to evenly distribute throughout the cookie. As a result, you’ll end up with perfectly baked cookie that’s easy to remove and won’t crumble apart. So next time you’re baking, be sure to let your creations cool for a few minutes before transfer them to a wire rack. Your taste buds will thank you!

Jolene’s Famous Edible Cookie Dough Eggless Eggnog

The Christmas after we launched Dible Dough, when it was holiday season again, I wondered, why was I willing to risk consuming raw eggs in eggnog, when I wasn’t willing to in cookie dough? I started looking for a great recipe for eggless nog. After much trial and error, I finally found one by Kimberly at The Savvy Mama Lifestyle that I loved. She found the perfect combination of ingredients. We added one essential ingredient to transform Kim’s recipe from Eggnog to Cookie Dough Eggnog. The secret ingredient is Dough Ball Whiskey, a company after my own heart, that makes a whiskey inspired by their love of cookies, among other things. 😉

A cup of spiced egg nog on a cutting board with holiday decorations.

Jolene’s Famous Edible Cookie Dough Eggless Eggnog


  • 8 Cups Cold Milk
  • 1 Package (3.4 ounces) Instant French Vanilla Pudding Mix
  • 1/4 Cup Sugar
  • 1 Teaspoon Ground Nutmeg
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • 1/8 Teaspoon Salt
  • 1 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 8-10 oz Dough Ball Whiskey
  • Optional Topping: More Nutmeg or Cardamom


In a large bowl, beat milk and pudding mix on low speed for two minutes.

  1. Beat in the sugar, nutmeg, vanilla and salt.
  2. In a different bowl, beat cream until thickened (about 3 minutes). Stir the cream into the pudding mixture.
  3. Refrigerate until serving. Sprinkle with additional nutmeg, if desired.

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth with Edible Cookie Dough Delivery

Edible cookie dough has become a popular treat in recent years, especially with online cookie dough shops popping up all over the web. Edible cookie dough has become popular for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s a fun and unique treat that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It also doesn’t require any baking, so it’s a great option for those who want to enjoy a sweet treat without having to turn on the oven. 

A woman stands in front of a pink background with a broad smile and a box of Dible Dough merchandise.

Dible Dough edible cookie dough delivery is a unique service that offers delicious cookie dough right to your door. The cookie dough is made with high-quality ingredients and it’s all-natural, so it’s always fresh and flavorful. 

The benefits of edible cookie dough delivery are numerous. First, you’ll never have to worry about running out of cookie dough again, which is a BIG relief, am I right? Second, when you order from Dible Dough, you’re supporting a small female-owned business. And finally, by ordering our edible cookie dough, you can send a delicious gift that everyone will love. So what are you waiting for? Order Dible Dough edible cookie dough today!

A Brief History of Edible Cookie Dough

For anyone who has ever licked the spoon while making cookies, or eaten so much dough there is none left to bake, edible cookie dough is a dream come true. This delicious treat has become a favorite among people of all ages, but how did it become so popular? 

Chocolate chip pieces are sprinkled into a cup of cookie dough.

Let’s take a look at the humble beginnings of edible cookie dough and find out.

The first recorded instance of edible cookie dough can be traced back to the early 1800s, when recipes for “eatable cake-mixes” began appearing in English cookbooks. These recipes generally called for uncooked eggs, which poses a food safety risk, so they were not particularly popular. It wasn’t until the late 1990s that edible cookie dough really started to gain traction. The original recipe quickly became a hit with home cooks looking for an easy and delicious way to enjoy their cookie dough without having to bake it first. 

In the years since, edible cookie dough has continued to grow in popularity. What was once found as an inclusion in ice cream can now be found in all kinds of sweet treats.  Dozens of companies now sell premade versions of the treat itself, including us with our Dible Dough edible cookie dough bars.

Why is edible cookie dough so popular? There are several reasons. First, it’s simply delicious. Secondly, we make ours with all natural ingredients, and finally, it’s fun to get guilt-free joy while eating a usually forbidden treat!

What could be better than a guilt-free treat for the holidays? Nothing, we say. Why don’t you get some of our Dible Dough delivered to someone who deserves some joy?