What's Up with Dible Dough?

What's Up with Dible Dough?

Recently, my friend Suzy (voracious raw cookie dough consumer) walked me through an exercise to define the Core Values of Dible Dough.  Before this exercise, I would have sworn that the main reason I developed Dible Dough was for financial gain.  My husband and I want to retire someday.  Not rocket surgery, right? Don’t we ALL want to retire someday?  We’d love to retire with a lake view and the ability to travel to as many college football games as our hearts desire. We want to enjoy our children and eventually grandchildren and do so with a certain amount of financial freedom.  When I started Dible Dough in 2014, it coupled a love of cooking and a desire to contribute financially to this vision and perhaps enable it to occur sooner than we anticipated.

I will admit though, when asked what Dible Dough’s Core Values were… I found myself speechless (if you know me, you then also know this rarely occurs).  I could rattle on and on about how this company started, what we produce and what the packaging looks like but to be able to identify what was at (and in) the heart of Dible Dough was a different story.  

What started off as a fun exercise around a kitchen table with endless cups of coffee and heavily buttered toast, ended up involving my entire family. There sat my husband and our three daughters all describing what they wanted from this business venture. To my surprise, the vast majority of comments were NOT based on money or fame or a vacation fund. All five of us gave answers that involved heart, legacy and quality of product. Unanimously, we realized that together, each one of us could contribute something that the rest of the family felt was invaluable.  

I’ve spent four years developing a product but that day, defining what was truly important to us…

WE built a company.

This shouldn’t have been surprising to us as this has been a family venture since the start.  From selling at a 4th of July parade and football games to kitchen-table-taste-testings, we’ve developed this product as a team. We’ve celebrated successes and when I’ve personally hit brick walls in this process they’ve cheered me on to have the strength to push through them.   We all believe that God is guiding us through this process and where it ends up is still a mystery. We are putting our faith in Him and trust that the decisions we make are pleasing in His eyes.

So…in answer to SO MANY online requests…here’s the update:  Dible Dough is currently in production and our first major customer is Hansen Foods out of Green Bay Wisconsin. They are a fund-raising distributor that will offer 6 pack boxes of the Chocolate Chip bars and a variety pack called the Triple Dible. You’ll be able to get 2 bars of each of the flavors (Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter with Chocolate Chips and Sugar Cookie with Sprinkles) in a 6-pack box.

What everyone wants to know though: How can you get your hands, and mouths, on some? 

SIMPLE:  If you are looking for a fund-raising company for your sports team, class room, band, church, etc. CONTACT HANSEN FOODS. 


They make delicious pizza as well and if pizza and cookie dough in combination aren’t your thing…well…you’re lying…they’re everyone’s thing.

In case you’re interested, the following are the five Core Values that Dible Dough will set as our standard to which all decisions will be made...  

  1. We are Dedicated to the Dough 

  2. We Believe in Grit 

  3. We Don’t sell Crap 

  4. We Do Good Things 

  5. We Never Forget the Little Guy 

 There was a lot of discussion about what each value meant to each of us, but for the most part I think they’re self-explanatory. We will continue to work hard every day to get this product out to more people. We’re working on a couple of very exciting avenues as we speak and we’ll keep you updated on where to find us. Thank you for your support and encouragement with our little adventure. Hope y’all get to “Nibble The Dible” sometime very soon! 

Jolene  CCDO (Chief Cookie Dough Operator)

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