Dible Dough founder Jolene Conway with packages of Dible Dough product.

Jolene Conway

Before the Dible Dough dream came to life, I was a mom and caterer who loved to bake. Funny thing was, my cookie dough would disappear from the fridge before I could get it in the oven! Message received – the dough was the guilty pleasure my family and friends desired.

So I created less guilty (a.k.a. safer) versions of my recipes with no eggs or raw flour that were just as delicious as the originals. I stuck to simple, all-natural, preservative-free ingredients that made cookie dough that was good and good (well, mostly) for ya.

Family members cooking together in the kitchen.
A young child inspects a bowl of cookie dough.

I believe we’re all doing the best we can and we owe it to ourselves and others to be kind. You don’t need a reason to treat yourself. You deserve it. Just because.

So stop, take a breath, and revel in your awesomeness. Choose joy where you find it.


Remember that ‘be kind to others’ thing I mentioned? Well, those aren’t just words. We at Dible Dough believe in giving joy to others because it’s the right thing to do.

While there are countless deserving charities and causes out there, I selected one that I feel is foundational to the reason Dible Dough exists in the first place. My husband and I both come from small towns. And, with few exceptions, we’ve chosen to live and raise our children in small towns. The sense of community and simple joys of life in a small town are like no other. And I’d like to believe we’re bringing you a little piece of that feeling every time you treat yourself to Dible Dough.

To honor and support the small towns of America, we will be using a portion of our proceeds to fund projects and organizations that seek to improve their communities (generally populations less than 10,000) to make their communities more viable and attractive for individuals and families to live, thrive and raise their kids.

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