A Year of Edible Cookie Dough

We are so excited and pleased to announce the arrival of our first ever edible cookie dough subscription service! We’ve heard you all, we’ve listened and we’ve answered. And now, finally, the moment that all you cookie dough fanatics have been waiting for has arrived.

A Dible Dough subscription is going to add some joy to somebody’s life. Your gift will include one tasty (and tasty-looking) box of cookie dough bites delivered every month for 12 months, saving you a total of more than $150 in shipping, handling & edible cookie dough costs while providing delicious JOY for an entire YEAR!

Dible Dough makes the perfect Valentine’s Day present! It’s delicious, affordable, and your loved ones deserve them. Each box comes with 10 bars of scrumptious cookie dough, individually wrapped for freshness. Our cookie dough is made from all-natural, recognizable ingredients and is safe to eat raw – no baking required.

$25.00 / month