Refund and Returns Policy

Our numero uno priority at Dible Dough is to make certain that you are jumping for joy over your Dible Dough purchase and rushing to our website searching for expedited shipping so that you receive your next cookie dough fix as fast as possible. On the rare occasion…and we mean rare like Congress coming to a 100% agreement rare, there may be someone who decides they didn’t like their first experience with our product. Since Dible Dough is a perishable food product, mailing it back to us would simply be gross. Please don’t put it in the mail. The mailpeople get real testy with us when their parcels contain packages that were once refrigerated boxes of cookie dough goodness but upon return become…well… garbage. Have you ever made your mailman angry? Trust us, it’s not an advisable thing. If you’re not beside-yourself-happy with your purchase, then send us an email right away and tell us all about it. We’ll pour a glass of wine and eat some of our dough (we find the peanut butter to be the best for problem solving) and brainstorm out how to make it right so that you’re happier than teenager who just got unlimited data on their phone and endless supplies of cookie dough…see how we just can’t get away from this cookie dough dreaminess?

If there’s a problem with the packaging, please take a picture right away and send it to us so we can figure out what went wrong and then figure how who to yell at, errr… I mean, nicely request a replacement box for you. Life’s too short to not be thrilled about eating cookie dough, especially ours, so just let us know if there’s a problem and we’ll make it right. There. It’s just that easy. I mean, seriously.